The Wondrous Power of Debate

 “It is better to debate a question without settling it than it is to settle a question without debating it.”

-Joseph Joubert

Why should your middle school or high school student enroll in online Debate Classes with Kooyaya?

First, there are the numerous benefits it will have on your child’s life.

It has been proven through various, scientific studies, that learning and practicing debate improves academic performance among middle and high school students. In fact, one study showed that highschool students that studied and participated in debate had 40% higher graduation rates than their counterparts who have not studied this crucially important subject. Students that were active in debate also scored substantially higher on reasoning tests after only one year of debate lessons than they did a year prior. Additionally, students of debate score consistently higher on SAT/ACT tests, suggesting the benefits reaped from studying debate have a positive effect on any application that involves logic, reasoning processes and critical thinking.

Debate Classes allow young students to integrate knowledge from a broad array of fields, about a wide variety of topics,  into concise and cohesive, yet multifaceted statements and hypotheses. Kooyaya’s tremendously qualified teachers specialize in teaching debate, and will coach students on how to synthesize that integrated knowledge into even more cohesive and compelling arguments. Going through these steps will ultimately benefit students’ writing abilities, articluence, eloquence in delivery and poise while speaking, which in turn gives them greater self-esteem and confidence.

The reasons to enroll your child in Kooyaya’s online Debate Classes are, literally, almost endless. However, there are a few other ones we should mention:

  • Debate requires students to develop quick-witted responses to arguments, naturally giving them confidence when speaking in public
  • It gives students the necessary foundations and skills to have a future career in law, medicine, politics, policy, science, government, entertainment, education, psychology and almost any sector that demands individuals with superior writing, speaking and analytical abilities. Learning debate will also aid students when being interviewed for college and jobs in the future.
  • Colleges and Universities the world over see debate as a course of study that improves an individual’s success in other academic disciplines. Any college guidance counselor will tell you that colleges like to see well-rounded candidates over one-dimensional applicants. That is why debate was, historically, one of three subjects included in the “core curriculum” at American universities; a required course for all students at any decent university during the 19th and early 20th century. Although it’s no longer a prerequisite for getting your Bachelor’s Degree, the substantial scholarships awarded to top-tier debate students, the prestige it adds to a student’s  portfolio during the admissions process and the importance that it signifies in assessing a student’s ability to excel in other courses and in a successful career later in life are all factors in how ardently colleges love scholars of this traditionally revered subject.
  • Not to mention, debate classes and events strengthen leadership skills and reinforces the necessity of solid teamwork.
  • Debate will help your child take better, more efficient notes and listen critically to others. All of that critical listening is why students of debate have shown an ability to retain information better and longer than their peers.

Kooyaya is excited to announce that we are currently offering a free-trial Debate Class to students in grades 6-9 (although 5th graders and students in grades 10 and above can be considered on an individual basis). With no obligation to pay any fees or give any financial information, what are you waiting for?  Register for free-trial Debate Class , or contact Kooyaya Customer Service by calling/texting (609) 375-8580, to schedule your child’s free Debate class now and see what makes this a particularly unique and useful course offering that will transform your son or daughter’s life!

Teacher Spotlight: Ms. Mixon

  • Ms. Mixon has taught Theatre Arts, Literacy and Public Speaking to young people for over 25 years. 
  • She holds a BFA in Theater from Rutgers University, and a Masters in Elementary Education from Montclair State University.
  • She has taught in public and private schools, served as Education Coordinator at the Alabama Shakespeare Festival, and has taught at The Utah Shakespeare Festival, the George Street Playhouse, the Shakespeare Theater of New Jersey, and the Great River Shakespeare Festival.
  • Public Speaking( Grades 1-5)

Teacher Spotlight: Ms Roach

  • Ms. Roach graduated from the University of Toronto holding an Honors Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Gender Studies. 
  • She has four years of experience working with students of all levels to improve their debating abilities and techniques. 
  • Ms. Roach was a member of the Canadian National Debate Team for two years, during which time she won both the Panamerican Schools Debate Championships and the EurOpen Debate Championships.
  • She was a semifinalist and third place individual speaker at the Canadian Parliamentary National Championships, as well as a semifinalist at the North American Universities Debating Championship.
  • Debate Classes (Grades 6-12)

Teacher Spotlight: Mrs. Warden

  • Mrs. Warden is a graduate of Johns Hopkins University, and of Mercer University, where she debated from 2011-2015 in NPDA-style parliamentary debate.
  • She was the 2015 State Champion in the Georgia Parliamentary Debate Association, and broke to octafinals in the National Parliamentary Debate Association, also winning tenth place speaker that same year.
  • She has previously coached high school debate in Georgia, where her teams broke to deep out-rounds in tournaments hosted by Carson-Newman College, the University of Georgia, and the Georgia Independent Schools’ Association State Championship. Additionally, her middle schoolers recently won the final round in the Tennessee Public Forum Debate at the Urban Debate Leagues Middle School Nationals.
  • Debate Classes (Grades 6-12)

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