SSAT Prep (Fall Session)

Logistics: Online Class via Zoom Meeting

Tuition: $ 750 (9 classes from 9/5 to 12/5, Sat 1-2:30 pm, $750)

About the Tutors

With over 17 years of public and private school teaching experience, our Co-Founder Jason has spent most of his teaching career tutoring the SAT’s and ACT’s during his weekends and vacations. Combining his philosophies of classroom teaching with his intricate understanding of standardized tests, Prep Innovation individualizes the instruction to the specific needs of the students. Jason did his undergraduate work at Duke University before receiving his masters at Columbia University. He continues to help hundreds of students improve their performance on their own standardized test scores. Currently Jason is focusing on delivery an excellent learning experience for our students at Prep Innovation. He oversees all courses and teachers under our SAT prep programs. A multitude of his students have gone on to pursue their education at such esteemed institutions as Harvard, UPenn, Columbia, Johns Hopkins, Stanford, MIT and Duke. Prep Innovation offers not only advice on test taking strategies, but also much guidance on college admissions in general.

Prep Innovation’s other experienced tutors include, Sam whom since 2012, has been the primary SAT math and English teacher for various SAT Academies in NJ area. He has also taught the ACT, SSAT, and various SAT subject tests. Additionally, he has taught many summer classes for math subjects ranging from Algebra to Calculus, as well as reading, grammar and writing courses. He is one of our lead tutors at Prep Innovation for the SAT prep courses. He is an avid fan of Philadelphia sports teams, and he never turns down a game of chess.


In this course, we will build foundational grammar and reading skills so that students can apply them directly to authentic PSAT questions and other reading or writing exercises. More specifically, we will apply general test taking strategies towards the comprehension of fiction and non-fiction text, using a highly transferable approach called “close reading.” In addition, we will help students apply these skills into their own writing and reading of texts, which will assist them in the rigorous academic classes of high school. 

Writing Class Curriculum 

The focus of this class is two-fold: first, students will be equipped with the grammatical knowledge to catch errors in writing mechanics, and, second, students will understand how the progression of ideas must connect logically with carefully sequenced and coordinated sentences. These skills and concepts have tremendous application to the type of writing most students will do in their high school english, history and science classes. Some of the topics that will be included in this class are listed below. 

  • Subject/Verb Agreement 
  • Verb Tense and Mood 
  • Parallelism and Logical Comparisons 
  • Pronoun agreement and case 
  • Sentence Fragments and Comma Splices 
  • Sentence Coordination 
  • Misplaced Modifiers 
  • Word Choice and Idiomatic Expressions 
  • Participles, Gerunds and Infinitives 
  • Claim, Evidence and Reasoning 

Reading Class Curriculum 

Though most students view reading as an activity that is associated with their English class. The truth is that 80 percent of the reading done in high school and college classes are non- fiction. Students need to learn how to utilize “close reading” to make an accurate interpretation of the author’s point, while also being able to evaluate the strength of support provided for the author’s argument. The PSAT reading section allows students to hone these reading skills and prepares them to learn at a high level. The goal of the instruction will be to help students improve their reading in such a way that translates towards them being more proficient independent learners. Here is a list of topics that will be covered in this course. 

  • Main Idea 
  • Vocabulary-in-Context 
  • Shift in Focus 
  • Tone and Style 
  • Recognizing Themes 
  • Evidence-based argumentation 
  • Claim vs Support 
  • Internal Reading Voice 
  • Graph Interpretation 
  • Claim, Evidence and Reasoning 


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