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    • Pin Yin Class 拼音故事班 Summer 2024
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      • Pin Yin Class 拼音故事班 Summer 2024

      • USD $432.00
      • Summer Session: 5/28-6/28 ; total 5 weeks (24 classes) Class Time: Monday - Friday  5:30-6:30 PM Eastern Time 汉语拼音是学习汉字发音的基础启蒙,也是识字、阅读和会话的有效工具,借助汉语拼音,学生们能认识生字并加快识字的步伐。学会了汉语拼音,遇到不认识的生字就可以通过拼音实现拼一拼,读一读,在反复拼读的过程中,学生们就能很快认识汉字了。整个课程的学习会通过有趣的图文、音频、儿歌、游戏等相结合的教学方式,  配合大量有趣的小故事,激发孩子学习中文的兴趣。 Curriculum Overview: Students learn pinyin through comprehensive teaching methods, including stories, songs, poems, nursery rhymes, and games Learn Pinyin sounds and tones to assist reading Chinese and learning new characters Practice speaking and writing using pinyin to prepare for later…