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    • 小小百家讲坛
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      • 小小百家讲坛

      • USD $35.00
      • 6/21-8/27 (No class on 7/5)   2 classes per week     Monday & Friday  7:00 PM -8:00 PM Eastern Time 课程介绍: 成语➕寓言➕古诗➕人物➕文化创新 旨在通过经典诵读、主题演讲等方式, 提高学生的语言表达能力和人文素养。 Refund Policy: You get a 100% credit back to your Kooyaya’s account a week before the 1st class starts. After the class starts, a week notice is required and refund is prorated base. All refund is credited back to…