Chinese Story Telling Competition

Record a 1-3 minute video of the contestant telling a story of their choice, about any topic, in Mandarin Chinese.

How To Enter

Click on the link below that reads “Sign-up For The Storytelling Competition” and fill in the necessary information.

Send the video to [email protected] before October 10th, 2020. In the “subject” of the email, write “Kooyaya’s Chinese Storytelling Contest” plus the name of the contestant and their current age.

Anyone under 18 years of age that is a resident of North America (Canada or the USA) is eligible to enter.

Prizes and Contestant Age Groups

The four age groupings for contest participants are as follows:

  • 3-6 years of age
  • 7-10 years of age
  • 11-14 years of age
  • 15-18 years of age

Each age group will have:

  • 1 First Place Winner, who will receive a written award and $100 USD;
  • 5 Second Place Winners, who will receive written awards and $50 USD each;
  • All other contestants will be considered Third Place Winners and will receive written awards plus a $20 coupon redeemable towards any class offered by Kooyaya.
  • In other words, everyone’s a winner!

Judging Criteria

A group of Kooyaya’s certified, professional Chinese teachers will judge the contestants’ videos based on four categories: topic and content, proper linguistic and expressive abilities, dramatic interpretation, grammar and pronunciation. 50 points will be considered a perfect score.

All contestants’ videos will be uploaded by Kooyaya’s employees and shown on “Kooyaya YouTube”, our official YouTube channel. Any “Likes” given to submitted videos on our channel must be done before October 25th, 2020. Each age group will also have winners based on the number of “likes” given to certain videos. The video with the most “likes” will get a score of 50 points, while the video with the second most “likes” will get 48 points, and the third a score of 46 points, etc.
The scores given by the judges combined with the scores received based on the number of “Likes” will comprise the final score of each contestant, with 100 points being a perfect score.

Competition Results

The contestant names and prizes received will be officially announced on at 10 PM EST on October 28, 2020.