The Wondrous Power of Debate

It is better to debate a question without settling it than it is to settle a question without debating it.

 Joseph Joubert

Why Are Public Speaking and Debate Important?

Group Of High School Students Celebrating Graduation
  • Cement a strong foundation for academic reading and writing
  • Sharpens critical thinking
  • English Language Arts is necessary to learn other subjects
  • Crucial for a Professional Life Beyond School



(Nathan, grade 6) “I feel I can now develop quick-witted responses to arguments, and I am more confident when speaking in public.”

(Laurie, grade 12) “I am so happy that I have been admitted to my dream university, and I definitely have my Debate classes to thank.”

Elizabeth, Grade 8)  “In my public school class, I found myself a better note-taker and able to retain more information while listening to my teachers and peers.”

(Aaron, Grade 9) “My writing ability and eloquence are progressing significantly.”

Public Speaking / Theater / Debate Classes

   Teacher Spotlight: Ms. Mixon

  • Teaching Theater Arts, Literacy and Public Speaking to young people for over 25 years
  • A BFA in Theater from Rutgers University, and a Masters in Elementary Education from Montclair State University

   Teacher Spotlight: Ms. Warden

  • A graduate of Johns Hopkins University, and of Mercer University, where she debated from 2011-2015 in NPDA-style parliamentary debate.
  • The 2015 State Champion in the Georgia Parliamentary Debate Association
  •    Teacher Spotlight: Ms. Roach

    • Graduate of The University of Toronto holding an Honors Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Gender Studies
    • Four years of experience working with students of all levels to improve their debating abilities

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