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Kooyaya hosted an online Chinese Story Telling Competition to provide a platform for young students in North America to practice their language skills. It’s a great opportunity for students to connect with others in this online community as well. Kooyaya provides awards to every participant. Check it out!

Kooyaya Elaborate Courses

Kooyaya provides high-quality, online education for students in grades K-12. We offer numerous, custom-tailored learning options, from small group classes to one-on-one tutoring sessions. Plus, Kooyaya’s teachers use systematized, top-notch learning materials and educational content that aids children in their scholastic advancement in a linear and complete fashion. Our courses challenge students and enhance their critical thinking and analytical abilities, gently pushing students to realize their maximum potential.

  Unlike many “cookie cutter” online schools that don’t cater to individual students’ needs, Kooyaya’s courses are fun, flexible and interesting for kids, allowing them to enjoy the educational experience at a suitable pace. Additionally, most of our course offerings are available at various times on different days, giving our customers convenient options that conform to their busy lifestyles.

 Kooyaya provides classes in a wide variety of areas, such as English Arts, Chinese, Math, Public Speaking, Theater (Drama), Debate, as well as free courses in Dance, Martial Arts and more! Please click the link to signup and enroll today! Our Course Consultants will get back to you as soon as possible and arrange free-trial classes for your child that suit your and their schedules.