4 Reasons Why Singapore Math Might Be the Better

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  • Singaporean students are the world’s math leaders. U.S. students that study Singapore Math consistently score better on standardized math and reasoning tests.
  • As students progress, they learn to apply new mental math strategies to specific types of problems and adapt ones they already know
  • Students are encouraged to develop their own strategies, and to use their discernment in deciding when and where to use them
  • Asks for students to build meaning to learn concepts and skills as opposed to rote memorization of rules and formulas for passing exams
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   Teacher Spotlight: Ms. Shea

  • Licensed and certified elementary school teacher, Grades 1-6
  • General science teacher, grades 1-8
  • 23 years’ teaching experience teaching all elementary subject areas and all grade levels
  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Laboratory Science
  • Master’s Degree in Education focused on Curriculum and Instructional Technology

   Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Jay

  • Mr. Jay has taught Math to 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students in the past 4 years. Prior to that, he taught High School Math for 6 years.
  • Mr. Jay has a BS in Math and a Masters in Math Education. He also has several years of Math publishing experience with Pearson Education, McGraw Hill, Chegg Tutors, and Course Hero.

   Teacher Spotlight: Mr. David

  • Teach for over 20 years, around the world, including China, Colombia, Uzbekistan, Poland, Israel, and Hait.
  • Focus on math teaching to students between grade 4 and grade 12.
  • David has a lot of experiences with assisting students in organizing and prioritizing their work.
  • David holds M.S degree in Elementary Education and B.S degree in Human Development and Family Studies from Cornell University. 

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