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Public Speaking/Debate/Civics/Theater Classes Schedule

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(Eastern Time)
Class optionClasses / SessionTuition/HrSpring Session Tuition
TheaterGrade 3-8Thu5:30-7:00pm ET10$30/hr$449
DebateGrade 4-6Tue7:00-8:30 pm ETClass 102A10$30/hr$449
DebateGrade 7 +Mon7:00-8:30pm ETClass 101B10$30/hr$449
DebateGrade 4-6Mon7:00-8:30 pm ETClass 103A10$30/hr$449
DebateGrade 7 +Tue7:00-8:30pm ETClass 103B10$30/hr$449
DebateGrade 4-6Wed7:00-8:30pm ETClass 104A10$30/hr$449
DebateGrade 7 +Thu7:00-8:30pm ETClass 104B10$30/hr$449
DebateGrade 7 +Sat7:00-8:30pm ETClass 203B10$30/hr$449