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Math Classes Schedule

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(Eastern Time)
Class optionClasses / SessionTuition/HrSpring Session Tuition
Singapore MathGrade 1Mon&Wed4:30-5:30pm ET20$22/hr$439
Singapore MathGrade 2Tue&Thu6:30-7:30pm ET20$22/hr$439
Singapore MathGrade 3BMon&Wed5:30-6:30pm ET20$22/hr$439
Singapore MathGrade 4ATue7:00-8:00pm ET10$22/hr$220
Singapore MathGrade 4BFri6:00-7:00pm ET10$22/hr$220
Singapore MathGrade 5BWed7:00-8:00pm ET10$22/hr$220
Gauss MathAMC 8Fri7:00-9:00pm ET20134$30/hr
Gauss MathAMC 8Sat9:30-11:30am ET20134$30/hr
Gauss MathAMC 8Sat7:00-9:00pm ET20134$30/hr
Gauss MathAMC 8Fri7:00-9:00pm ET20234$30/hr
Gauss MathAMC 8Sat10:00am-12:00pm ET20234$30/hr
Gauss MathAMC 8Sat7:00-9:00pm ET20234$30/hr
Gauss MathAMC 8Sun9:00-11:00am ET20234$30/hr
Gauss MathAMC 10Fri7:00-9:00pm ET20334$30/hr
Gauss MathAMC 10Sat7:00-9:00pm ET20334$30/hr
Gauss MathAMC 10Sun7:00-9:00pm ET20334$30/hr
Gauss MathAMC 12 / AIMESat7:00-9:00pm ET20434$30/hr
Gauss MathAMC 12 / AIMESun9:00-11:00am ET20434$30/hr
Gauss MathAMC 12 / AIMESun7:00-9:00pm ET20434$30/hr
Gauss MathGrade 1Mon3:40-5:10pm ET30134$30/hr
Gauss MathGrade 1Tue4:00-5:30pm ET30134$30/hr
Gauss MathGrade 2Mon5:10-6:40pm ET30234$30/hr
Gauss MathGrade 2Tue4:00-5:30pm ET30234$30/hr
Gauss MathGrade 3Mon4:00-5:30pm ET30334$30/hr
Gauss MathGrade 3Thu3:40-5:10pm ET30334$30/hr
Gauss MathGrade 3Fri3:40-5:10pm ET30334$30/hr
Gauss MathGrade 3Sun9:00-10:30am ET30334$30/hr
Gauss MathGrade 4Mon7:00-8:30pm ET30434$30/hr
Gauss MathGrade 4Wed4:00-5:30pm ET30434$30/hr
Gauss MathGrade 4Thu5:10-6:40pm ET30434$30/hr
Gauss MathGrade 4Fri4:00-5:30pm ET30434$30/hr
Gauss MathGrade 4Sat1:00-2:30pm ET30434$30/hr
Gauss MathGrade 4Sun10:30am-12:00pm ET30434$30/hr
Gauss MathGrade 5Tue4:00-5:30pm ET30534$30/hr
Gauss MathGrade 5Wed7-8:30pm ET30534$30/hr
Gauss MathGrade 5Thu4:00-5:30 pm ET30534$30/hr
Gauss MathGrade 5Fri5:00-6:30pm ET30534$30/hr
Gauss MathGrade 5Sat10:30am -12:00 pm30534$30/hr
Gauss MathGrade 6Tue7:00-8:30pm ET30634$30/hr
Gauss MathGrade 6Wed7:00-8:30pm ET30634$30/hr
Gauss MathGrade 6Fri4:30-6:00pm ET30634$30/hr
Gauss MathGrade 6Sat9:00-10:30am ET30634$30/hr
Gauss MathGrade 6Sun10:30am-12:00pm ET30634$30/hr
Gauss MathGrade 7Tue7:00-8:30pm ET30734$30/hr
Gauss MathGrade 7Wed7:00-8:30pm ET30734$30/hr
Gauss MathGrade 7Fri6:00-7:30pm ET30734$30/hr
Gauss MathGrade 7Sat10:30am-12:00pm ET30734$30/hr
Gauss MathGrade 7Sun10:30am-12:00pm ET30734$30/hr
Gauss MathGrade 8Thu5:30-7:00pm ET30834$30/hr
Gauss MathGrade 8Fri5:10-6:40pm ET30834$30/hr
Gauss MathGrade 8Sat9:00-10:30am ET30834$30/hr
Gauss MathGrade 9Fri7:45-9:15pm ET30934$30/hr
Gauss MathGrade 9Sat10:30am-12:00pm ET30934$30/hr
Gauss MathGrade 9Sun11:00am-12:30pm ET30934$30/hr
Gauss MathGrade 10Fri7:30-9:00pm ET31034$30/hr
Gauss MathGrade 10Sun11:00am-12:30pm ET31034$30/hr
Gauss MathGrade 11Fri7:30-9:00pm ET31134$30/hr