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Chinese Classes Schedule

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(Eastern Time)
Total WeeksTuition
Chinese中文绘本课Age 3-77/24-8/25Mon-Fri5:30-6:30 PM ET5 weeks$449/session
Chinese拼音故事班Any6/19-7/21Mon-Fri4:00-5:00 PM ET5 weeks$415/session
Chinese唐诗故事班Any6/19-7/21Mon-Fri5:30-6:30 PM ET5 weeks$415/wsession
Chinese成语故事班G2-47/24-8/25Mon-Fri9:00-10:00 AM ET5 weeks$449/session
Chinese小说精读班G5+7/10-8/25Mon-Fri10:00-11:30 AM ET7 weeks$125/wk
Chinese小说精读班G5+7/10-8/25Mon-Fri7:00-8:30 PM ET7 weeks$125/wk