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English Classes Schedule

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SubjectGradeClass optionDaySchedule
(Eastern Time)
Classes / SessionTuition/HrFall Session TuitionFull Year Tuition
Preschool AMPreschoolMon-Fri11:30-12:30pm ET50$22/hr$1,100
Preschool PMPreschoolMon-Fri2:00-2:30pm ET50$22/hr$550
Creative WritingGrade 1-2Tue4:00-5:00pm ET10$30/hr$299$852
ELA G1Grade 1Mon&Wed4:30-5:30pm ET20$22/hr$439$1,251
ELA G2Grade 2Tue&Thu4:00–5:00pm ET20$22/hr$439$1,251
ELA G3Grade 3Tue&Thu5:00–6:00pm ET20$22/hr$439$1,251
ELA G4Grade 4Tue&Thu5:00-6:00pm ET20$22/hr$439$1,251
ELA G5Grade 5Tue&Thu6:00-7:00pm ET20$22/hr$439$1,251
ELA G6Grade 6Tue4:30-6:00pm ET10$22/hr$330$941
ELA G7Grade 7Mon4:30-6:00pm ET10$22/hr$330$941
ELA G8-9
Academic Writing
Grade 8-9Fri6:00-7:30pm ET10$30/hr$450$1,283
Reading Explorers 0Grade 1/2Wed5:00-6:00pm ET10$28/hr$280$798
Reading Explorers 1Grade 1/2Wed6:00-7:00pm ET10$28/hr$280$798
Reading Explorers 1Grade 3/4Fri5:00-6:00pm ET10$28/hr$280$798
Reading Explorers 2Grade 3/4Fri6:00-7:00pm ET10$28/hr$280$798
Reading Explorers 3Grade 5/6Fri4:00-5:00pm ET10$28/hr$280$798
Reading Explorers 4Grade 4-6Tue4:00-5:00pm ET10$28/hr$280$798
Wordly Wise 3000Grade 1Fri5:00-6:00pm ET10$22/hr$220$627
Wordly Wise 3000Grade 2Fri6:00-7:00pm ET10$22/hr$220$627
Wordly Wise 3000Grade 3Sat1:00-2:00pm ET10$22/hr$220$627
Wordly Wise 3000Grade 4Sat2:30-3:30pm ET10$22/hr$220$627
Wordly Wise 3000Grade 5Sat5:00-6:00pm ET10$22/hr$220$627